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If you have a repossession that needs to be performed, you can trust Phoenix Repossession to get the job done for you. Dealer repossession, private party repossession or lending institution repossession; Phoenix Repossession can handle them all. Call us today to discuss your repossession needs. I'm sure you will find the staff at Phoenix Repossession more than willing to answer any questions that you may have regarding repossession laws, repossession situations or any other Repossession related questions that you might have. 

Damage-Free Towing Services 
We are equipped to tow all vehicles without damaging them. If you are stuck on the side of road and your car just won't go, call AE Recovery and Towing. We'll get you and your car where you need to go 24 hours a day with our very affordable towing services in Phoenix, Scottsdale or anywhere in the entire valley. We take Automotive towing services very seriously here at AE Recovery and Towing. We believe in towing the proper way every time. Never let another person tow you in their personal vehicle. Not only is it against the law but it is very dangerous. Our equipment is designed specifically for towing and is always updated as technology advances. We work with wreckers and flatbeds for towing all types of vehicles. Some people say that flatbed towing is better than using a wrecker but that is just not true. Both methods are very safe.

Repossession Services - Collateral Recovery
If you have collateral that needs to be recovered, we can help you! Be it a private party repossession, dealership repossession or lending institution repossession, AE Recovery and Towing can take care of all of your repossession service needs. We provide our own skip tracing and investigative services; if you require them.

Free Junk Car Removal/ Abandoned Vehicle Removal
Got an old junker in the back or side yard that needs to be removed? Did someone leave a car at your house and now you cant get ahold of them? We will come to you and remove it free of charge.

Our drivers all carry lockout kits. If you have locked your keys in your car we can get it open for you. Never let an untrained person try to unlock your vehicle! Your car has delicate pieces inside the door that can be easily damaged by a person trying to "jimmy" your door. The door frame itself can be bent by a person trying to use a screwdriver to pry open the door to get at the locks.  

Tire Changes
We can come out and put on your spare for you. If you have no spare, we can tow you to the nearest tire shop so you can get back on the road fast.

Jump Starts
If your battery is dead, we can come out and jump it for you. All of our drivers carry jump boxes. It is much safer to use a jump box than hooking up your car's battery to another car's battery.

Out of Gas?
We can bring gas to you if you can't get to a service station yourself.

Parking Management / Private Party Impound
Tired of chaos in the parking lot? Our Parking Management program is for those property owners, security companies and management companies who have commercial properties that are in need of parking enforcement / parking management. We offer a wide variety of complimentary services aimed at providing you with convenient and quick solutions to most parking problems. Illegally parked vehicles in assigned, visitor, or management spaces, Inoperable or abandoned vehicles, Unwanted commercial or recreational vehicles, Vehicles parked in disabled spaces without proper placard, Double parking, blocking garages and dumpsters, illegal tandem parking, Offenders of fire lane/red zone areas, we impound them all at no cost to the property managers or property owners. Apartment Complexes, Property Management Companies, H.O.A.'s, Retail Property, Commercial Property, anywhere you have a parking problem, AE Recovery and Towing can help you fix it as well as offer free consultation of property to insure compliance with state law, Tow Away Signs customized for the parking regulations of your property, along with free installation and replacement, Customer care oriented, Professionally Trained driver’s, Digital photographs of every vehicle towed from your property, documenting the violation, discounted service calls for your residents, including: jumpstarts, tire changes, lock-outs, and towing services to your resident's preferred repair facility.

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